BBC School Report

After a very successful launch last year featuring grilled MPs and footballers' teachers - School Report is back! We said that next year would be bigger and better and we weren't kidding! With the help of our coordinator John Hand (an ex-Lealands student who returns each year to help us) we managed to secure a story of a former pupil who has starred in Catherine Tate and Coronation Street. Niky Wardley visited the school and was interviewed by school reporters Georgia, Naomi and Casey.

Another shock story emerged from a survey that was circled around all of the teachers. Who knew that a certain English teacher was so big on rap and hip-hop in her teenage years?!

Everyone on School Report worked really hard in order to get it perfect with the help of the very committed Miss Bews - without whom all of this would not be possible. Miss Bews chased us up for interviews and those all-crucial scripts we were fully prepared for when the Big Day arrived on 15th March. The day was very full-on but equally as worthwhile and with everybody working together so well, it was extremely easy to remain happy.

School Report is also great if you want to become a journalist as it gives you a taste of what life is like for them. John also gave lots of tips on everything from avoiding closed questions in interviews to filming "noddies" to slot into filmed pieces at a later date. School Report will also look good on a CV if you are into doing something in the world of journalism and is exclusive to those who have participated in it.

School Report is an extremely enjoyable experience and teaches you many skills, not only in journalism but in teamwork and confidence which are crucial life-skills that can mean the difference between securing a college place or not.

This is my second stint on School Report and I will definately be turning up if it runs next year (which hopefully it will!). I would definately recommend taking part in it to others due to the fact there's nothing else quite like it!

So if you're interested in becoming a journalist when you grow up or just gaining some confidence skills, don't hesitate to join school report this time next year.


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