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Lealands High School

Lealands High School

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Student Voice

Lealands High School Student Voice groups aim to ensure that the views and opinions of students across the school are heard and taken into account when decisions are made.

The aim of staff and students at Lealands High School is to ensure that all students feel confident to express their opinions and give their ideas on how to improve the school and their education.

Student Voice relies on volunteers who are interested in getting involved and playing a greater part in the running of the school.

This might be by getting involved in student forums, planning and delivering whole school or year group assemblies, completing student surveys or opinion postcards, arranging meetings with staff to express the views of individuals or groups or organising charity events and school celebrations.

Student Voice Meetings

  • Student Voice meetings will take place once every half term and will be coordinated by Mr Payne.
  • Meetings will take place during a Tutor Time each half term.
  • Volunteer members from each group will feedback to PSMs and Heads of Year.
  • Articles will be written for school newsletters to update students, staff, parents and Governors on the projects and events being organised.

Year 7 Student Voice Representatives 

Ngoni Mandeya
Emillia Pettengell Rogers
Kimathi Agyeman-Prempeh,
Elizabeth Wypych Symonds
Michael Osibodu
Shelby Fairbanks
Holly Kelly
Bintou Jennah
Amira Gordon
Reunen Butchard
Abigail Grey
Jahmari  Prosper
Parys  Simms
Enhakkorre Obeng
Oliwia Bobrek

Year 11 leaders - Alex and Nikhil

Year 8 Student Voice Representatives 

Pranay Vaghjiani
Lacey Simms
Saddiya Halimatus
Jhemari Gunn-Nembhard
Kamariah Lynch-Griffith
Alex Chalkley
Brandy Dunn
Kai Johnson
Lauren Thompson
Jack Kaufman
Imaan Khan
Amy Mandayaya
Samantha Burnell
Harvey Sullivan
Summer Gough
Julia Domanska/Julia Portka

Year 11 leaders - Aimee and Nevada

Year 9 Student Voice Representatives 

Saruna Gudza
Joshua Line
Robbie Howe
Maryam Azeem
Christabell Kyeremeh
Aisha Neergaard
TJ White Able
Fahbia Chowdury
Ryan Russell

Year 11 leaders -Jamie and Maquel

Year 10 Student Voice Representatives 

Nitin Verma
Daniele Sanni
Jemma Knight
Abdul Jabbar
Dominic Akiboye
Morgan Binstead
Alfie Tibbles

Year 11 leaders - Daniel and Muzainah