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Lealands High School

Lealands High School

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The curriculum at Lealands High School aims to fit in with the inclusive ethos of the school curriculum policy, which is founded on high expectations and challenge at an appropriate level whilst ensuring there is breadth, balance, relevance and appropriate progression.

The curriculum ensures personalisation for students of different abilities, interests and future plans so that opportunities at all levels in Further Education and Higher Education remain open.

There are also many opportunities for educational visits, clubs, sporting opportunities, field trips, master classes, competitions, fundraising events, theatre trips and performing arts workshops that extend student experiences.

“The curriculum includes rich opportunities for physical, creative and intellectual development. This contributes well to students’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and their preparation for further study.” (Ofsted May 2013)

Lealands Curriculum Intent

At Lealands we wish our curriculum across the school to be:

Knowledge rich

We choose the knowledge to share with the students carefully to equip them with the cultural capital they need to succeed in life. We are clear about what knowledge students should know at each point of the curriculum, down to each individual lesson. We make sure they are ready to continue their journey by supporting them to develop a body of knowledge that students should know, and by giving them the capacity to add to their knowledge and understanding in the future.

Planned backwards

We want our students to have a choice to access the best opportunities, so we plan backwards from this aim.  Planners in each subject consider the broad knowledge that they want students to have by the time they leave us which will facilitate future knowledge growth and retention. The knowledge for each year group is planned to meet this end goal, sequenced by experts who embrace their subject communities.


We aim for students to master the carefully sequenced key knowledge and skills to adequate depth before further learning is introduced, as we know that the more you know the more you have the capacity to know – we increase knowledge and understanding. 

Responsive teaching (Cure)

Formative assessment is used continually in every single lesson, to check on the progress of the students through the curriculum. We continually need to know what they have learnt. Teachers are confident to reteach if mastery has not been achieved.

Wider curriculum

Our student’s rich and varied curriculum isn’t limited to the taught curriculum. Students are formally taught Character, Culture along with PSHE so that they are able to understand, and make a positive contribution to the world around them. Our curriculum includes academic, sporting, and personal development opportunities. This aids reduction of the gap in development opportunities between themselves and their peers nationally. 

Further information about our curriculum can be found in the links on the left.