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Year 8 Foodbank Appeal Update

On Tuesday 19th December, representatives from each of the eight tutor groups in Year 8 made the short journey from Lealands High School to the Hockwell Ring Community Centre in the school minibus.  Their mission was to deliver the precious cargo of eight, fully stocked Christmas Hampers as a donation to the Luton Foodbank.

Each tutor group had worked tirelessly over the previous weeks to design and create a Christmas themed hamper.  After much painting, cutting and tinsel attaching, their hampers were ready to be put to purpose.

As this was a design competition, the staff at Hockwell Ring Community Centre and our very own Mr Payne chose a winner.  The winning hamper, chosen for good design as well as amount collected was 82SL’s “chimney” hamper.

The whole point of these fantastic creations was to hold the huge donations of tins, boxes and pouches of food to be donated to the Luton Foodbank.  With a flurry of cupboard rummaging, every student in Year 8 did us proud and stocked their hampers to the brim.

The staff at Hockwell Ring Community Centre said that this was the biggest donation anyone had ever given them to pass to the Luton Foodbank.

Luton Foodbank is an award-winning, not-for-profit, community benefit society started in 2013. It aims to benefit the community by providing nutritionally balanced and culturally appropriate food, free to people in hardship or distress.

As well as this, they provide access to advice and support through the Citizens Advice Bureau, information to local advice and guidance services and create Youtube videos showing how to make meals from their food parcels.

This is extremely important work.  People need to use Foodbanks for many reasons, from illness or unemployment to family crisis and homelessness.  We chose to donate to the Luton Foodbank because, in year 8, we do not feel that it is right that families in our area should go hungry, especially the children within our community.

The project gave the students in year 8 an opportunity to join in with our new “Be Nicer” ethos and take our community into mind.  Being community minded is having an interest in helping the wider community and being socially concerned.  Many of the year 8 students have said that this project really gave them a sense of accomplishment.

I am extremely proud of the students in Year 8 for the amount they did to help others.  If you would like to join in and offer your own donation, please visit for details.  Hockwell Ring Community Centre is your nearest donation point.

Mr White                                                                                                                                

Head of Year 8