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Lealands High School

Lealands High School

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Year 7 World War I Workshop

Our Year 7s gained a fascinating insight into life as a World War I soldier during a workshop set in 1914.  

The workshop follows the journey of real life soldier, Arthur Seaby and his peers, as they signed up to fight for their country in WWI.

Firstly, they faced the doctor who put them through their examinations to make sure they were fit for service. Having passed, they were signed up for three weeks basic training which included learning discipline and weapons training.

At the end of basic training, the new recruits were sent to the trenches where they learned about trench foot, mustard gas, whizz bombs, no man’s land and writing letters home to loved ones. They were also introduced to the stark reality of the huge numbers of soldiers who went to the trenches but didn't make it home.

It was a fantastic experience for the Year 7s enabling them to imagine what life must have been like for those soldiers who fought in the war.