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Lealands High School

Lealands High School

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Standing Up Against Bullying

In November 2023, our Year 7 and 8 students actively engaged in an impactful anti-bullying assembly. The aim of the assembly was to effectively show the detrimental effects of bullying and the harmful consequences of spreading rumours.

Some of our students shared their insights following the assembly:

In our anti-bullying assembly, I remember learning about the effects of spreading rumours. For example, if someone said they like someone's hair but someone misheard it, they could have told someone else and it could have kept going. In the end it would be that they said that they hated them or something that could affect the person's self esteem as they didn’t like them, but it started with a person just giving them a compliment. It is important that we don’t listen to or spread rumours. Jayden (83KM)

Bullying is a serious issue and should not be allowed in any school. In our school there are serious punishments for anyone who is bullying and support for those who are bullied. We recently had an assembly about bullying where we demonstrated the effects of  rumours. We each passed on a phrase and by the end it was not the same, which can be a form of bullying. Marcell (84JM)

From the assembly I remember talking about spreading rumours and how it can change from something that wasn't even said. I believe we can make a poster that we can put up around the school to highlight the importance of not bullying and taking action when it happens. Ruby (85JS)