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Lealands High School

Lealands High School

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Most Able Students


We identify our cohort through assessment data/testing and teacher nomination. Our whole school Most Able cohort currently consists of 59 students.

The term ‘Gifted’ is used to describe a student who excels in an academic subject such as English, History or Maths, while ‘Talented’ means students who have abilities in more creative subjects such as Art, Drama or Sport. Gifted and Talented students are catered for through a personalised curriculum and extra-curricular opportunities. They receive guidance on future pathways and support on study skills and effective time management.

Monitoring Progress

Data captures are used to monitor the progress of students in this cohort. A system is in place to traffic light and identify students at the end of each data capture in all subject areas and where necessary, subject leaders are required to provide appropriate intervention to get the student back on track. Progress and challenge are also monitored through work scrutiny, lesson visits and student voice activities.


Our Gifted and Talented policy sets out our approach to supporting students in our Gifted and Talented cohort. Each department has their own policy and procedures for supporting more able students.

Some of the activities that have taken place recently include:

  •  Art: Christmas card screen print design workshop and ceramic workshop at the Victoria and Albert Museum
  • Languages:  Links with schools abroad and Language Leaders programme
  • Computing: e-Safety Leaders programme
  • Vocational: World of Work Enterprise Challenge
  • Humanities: GCSE Geography trip to Polar Research Centre at the University of Cambridge.
  • English: BBC School News Report
  • Maths: UK Maths Challenges, Year 6 Team Challenge, Royal Institution Maths Masterclasses
  • Science: Physics at Work workshop at University of Cambridge and STEM project club
  • PE: Sports academies, inter-school competitions, district sports  and national netball tournament
  • Performing Arts: Orchestra, bands, choir, concerts and school production

Useful Links

Further Reading

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