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Lealands High School

Lealands High School

Aspire Believe Achieve

Vision and Priorities

Our Vision Statement

"Everyone  achieves excellence, demonstrates respect for all and takes responsibility
for their own actions, while helping others to be successful".

Lealands' Whole School Priorities For Improvement 2018-2019:

Objective 1 Reduce exclusions and improve the behaviour of students exhibiting challenges measured by improved perceptions of staff, students and parents in the annual survey.
Objective 2 Reduce low level disruption by developing the school ethos and values and ensuring that all staff consistently apply high expectations and follow the behaviour policy leading to a reduction in removals from lessons and behaviour points termly.
Objective 3 To improve outcomes by ensuring that all pupils are fully prepared for the rigours of examinations and testing through the enhanced delivery of study skills and increased opportunities to practise in test/examination conditions built into the curriculum/schemes of work and lesson planning throughout the school. 
Objective 4 Ensure that attainment and achievement improve, especially in underperforming subjects and for boys/disadvantaged students, by ensuring staff are well trained and fully understand the demands of the new GCSEs so that their planning, delivery and assessment is supporting pupils to achieve well in these examinations.
Objective 5 Fully review the school curriculum to ensure that it is suitable for all pupils and promoting excellent achievement; particularly at KS4.