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Lealands High School

Lealands High School

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Return to school from 8th March.

Students will begin to return to school from Monday 8th March. Details are outlined here for your child's return.

The requirement to test students as they arrive (assuming consent has been given by parents/carers) and the need to carry out two further tests in the coming weeks is a logistical challenge with the number of students we have and the facilities available to us. However, this is an important part of the strategy for coming out of lockdown and we are all very keen to get back to face-to-face teaching as soon as possible. Therefore, we will be testing one-year group per day.  Following the first test, students will then return to face to face teaching in school the following day (please ensure your child/ren have a packed lunch this week).

Students will need to arrive at school with their tutor group and make their way straight to the Sports Hall at staggered times, to ensure the smooth running of the testing process, as set out below:

Year Group

Date & times for Covid Testing

Return to School for
Face to Face teaching

Year 10

Students to arrive via the Pennine Avenue gate.

Tuesday 9th March

101JH and 102SH       8.30am

103LT and 104CM      9.00am

105PO and 106NL      9.30am

107LD and 108KS      10.00am

Wednesday 10th March

Year 7 

Students to arrive via the main school entrance.


Year 8

Students to arrive via the Pennine Avenue gate.

Wednesday 10th March

71JK and 72KM         8.30 am

73ET and 74J          9.00 am

75RLand 76JD           9.30 am

77CB and 78SD         10.00 am


81MW and 82CC     11.00am

83TB and 84NP         11.30am

85ZW and 86ER        12.00pm

87IM and 88CL          12.30pm

Thursday 11th March

Year 9

Students to arrive via the tennis courts gate.

Thursday 11th March

91MC and 92AG        8.30am

93JJ and 94KH           9.00am

95SW and 96GR        9.30am

97MB and 98EB        10.00am

Friday 12th March

Students attending LEAP to arrive via the main school entrance. 10.15am Friday 12th March
Student Support bubble to arrive via Pennine Avenue gate. 10.15am Friday 12th March

Year 11

Students to arrive via the main school entrance gate.

Friday 12th March

Drama students 11.30am

111JP and 112TS 12.00pm

113DW and 114LS 12.30pm

115YM and 116GE 1.00pm

117GE and 118MA1.30pm




Friday 12th March 


Students are not required to attend their lateral flow test in school uniform and may wear plain clothes.  It is important that they arrive at the time given so that we can manage numbers and contacts in school.  Students must travel straight to school for their test and straight home following this.

Anyone with Covid symptoms, must not visit the school site and should book a free NHS test and follow government self-isolation guidance until the results of their test are known.

We understand that some students may be concerned or anxious about taking a lateral flow test. Please assure them it is a simple process which takes no more than 5 to 10 minutes to complete. 

We advise students and parents to view ‘How to’ guides available on You Tube that help explain the self testing process - this will give you an understanding of how a lateral flow test is taken. This can be accessed via the following link Lateral Flow Testing. Following the three tests completed onsite, students will be expected to complete a self-test at home twice a week (further details on this process will be provided once all students return). Additional guidance on testing can be found on our website.

Face masks will now be compulsory indoors, including in lessons and whilst walking inside the building and must be worn at all times except when students are doing PE, dance or drama. The recommendation from the Government is that students do not need to wear masks outside though many will continue to do so. All of the other control measures that were in place before Christmas will continue to operate including staggered starts and ends to the day. Students will be expected to wear full school uniform to school on days when they have PE. Students are required to provide their own face masks. Any student that does not have a suitable face mask will be provided one and charged 50p per 2nd + mask given (all proceeds will be donated to charity at the end of the academic year).

Staff will be aware that during this week students will be attending their allocated time slots for testing – those students will miss part of their lessons for that day. Work will be set, as usual, in the Google Classroom and staff will be aware of when students may miss registration in a Google Meet while they are attending the school site for a test.  Students should catch up on work missed and also attend all lessons before and after they come into school for their test.  Students that do not complete a test will be required to attend all their remote lessons as normal and so teachers will plan accordingly to ensure that students do not miss out on learning.

If you have any queries regarding testing these should be directed to and we will respond as soon as we are able. If you have yet to complete the online consent form please do so urgently at Covid Testing consent form  (please be advised we still require a return of this form if you do not consent to the testing process – please select no or N/A for the relevant questions).

Thank you for your cooperation and understanding during this return to school period.